A large, 20 Acre campsite on the banks of Homestead Lake in Benoni. Facilities include kitchen, open-air chapel and ample camping area, with indoor sleeping accommodation for 16. Home of Gauteng KonTiki, with access to the lake for swimming, rafting and other water activities.
Arrowe Park is available to all members of the Scouting and Guiding movement, not a campsite open to the general public

A charge of R130 per person per weekend is charged. The ablutions,Cub den,Scouter’s den and kitchen are available free of charge. An extra fee is charged if other facilities are used (eg. for the use of the Arrowe Park gas equipment or excessive electricity use). We are also asking all visitors to plant a tree when they come to camp, to help us get Arrowe Park looking great for all of us.

Please contact us for daily rates or rates for longer camps.

Check whether Arrowe Park is booked on the dates you have in mind using the calendar  (Note that you it might still be possible to camp on dates that are already booked, depending on the total number of people camping).



Rules and Safety




Where are we?

Ebenezer Street, Lakefield, Benoni, 1500