Rules and Safety

Camp rules

  1. The Scout law is the law of this camp.
  2. You must be in possession of a Camping Permit and Consent Forms when using the grounds. This will identify you as Scouts.
  3. Camp in the area shown to you by the caretaker.
  4. No loud noise after 23h00 (11pm).
  5. No fires are to be made on the ground. Use an Altar fire or a braai barrel.
  6. No fireworks are permitted.
  7. No alcohol is permitted.
  8. No firearms or airguns are permitted unless permission has been obtained in writing from the warden.
  9. For water activities the appropriate charges must be held and water safety rules observed (lifejackets are compulsory for any water activity).
  10. No fishing is allowed.
  11. Please leave the ablutions and your campsite clean & tidy when you leave.
  12. Get the caretaker to sign-off your camping permit before you leave.


Arrowe Park is in a suburb patrolled by CMS security. Patrol cars are informed when Scouts are camping and patrol the area regularly, 24 hours a day. Should there be an emergency, the CMS control room can be contacted at 011 425-4933.

Dangerous animals:

In the past, Rinkhals (spitting cobra) have been spotted in Arrowe Park. On the whole, you are unlikely to see one while you are there, but if you do, there are a few things to take note of:

  • Make sure all of your cubs/scouts understand that there are possibly venomous snakes in the area.
  • Rinkhals are medium size (up to 1.5m) black or grey snakes with white stripes on the front of their neck. They will rear up and spread a hood like a cobra when threatened.
  • Rinkhals can spit, and if one spits at you, you should seek medical attention immediately. In case of venom going into your eyes, wash the venom out with a sterile liquid.
  • Rinkhals are known to play dead. A rinkhals that is playing dead WILL bite you if you pick it up or try to step over it. Retreat slowly and let your scouter know where the snake is.

You might ask why we allow snakes in Arrowe Park at all. Firstly, Arrowe Park is a large campsite that borders undeveloped veld – it would be very difficult to restrict snakes access to it. Secondly, we have tried to eradicate the snakes in the past and found that the rat population in Arrowe Park became uncontrollable without their natural predators.

Nearest hospitals:

Life Glynnwood 

35 Harrison street (corner of Princes Ave), Benoni

011 741 5000

Netcare Linmed

5 Hull Street, Rynfield, Benoni

011 748 6200